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If you've ever needed to convert text to binary code, you know how tedious it can be - unless you use a web-based tool like this one! Just enter your text into the box and hit the "Convert" button and voila! Your text is now in binary code.

Text to Binary converter web tool


What is Text ?

Text is any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols that can be read by humans and computers. In binary code, each letter of the alphabet, each digit, and each symbol is represented by a unique combination of 0s and 1s. For example, the letter A can be represented as 01000001.

You can use our Text to Binary converter tool to experiment with converting different pieces of text into binary code. Try converting your name, favorite phrase, or a random string of characters to see how it looks in binary!

What is Binary ?

Binary is a base 2 number system that uses two mutually exclusive states to represent information. Commonly used in digital electronics and computer systems, binary encodes all data as a combination of zeros and ones. Unlike our decimal number system, which has 10 digits (0-9), the binary system only has two digits (0 and 1). These two digits are used to represent all numbers, both positive and negative. In other words, each digit in binary can have one of only two values. So if we wanted to write the number 5 in binary, it would be written as 101.

How to convert Text to Binary ?

If you want to convert text to binary or vice versa, there is a best convert tool out there that can help – the text to binary converter! This online tool takes as input a text file and outputs a binary file, so it’s perfect for converting large chunks of text into a format that can be easily handled by your computer. Here’s how to use it:

1. Open the text to binary converter website and click on the “Add File” button.

2. Select the text file you want to convert and click on the “Upload” button.

3. The website will start scanning your file for characters that are either symbols or numbers. Once it has finished, you’ll be presented with a list of all of the converted characters.

4. Click on the “Bin” button next to each character to generate a binary file for that character.

How to use Text to Binary converter web tools ?

There are various web tools which can be used to convert text into binary format.
Some of the popular web tools are the Java Text to Binary Converter, the GNU Binutils Translator, and Python's b2b.
The Java Text to Binary Converter can be downloaded from http://net.java.sun.com/j2se/1.6/docs/api/java/text/BinaryStreamReader.html
The GNU Binutils Translator can be downloaded from http://sourceware.org/binutils/docs-2.20/html_node/Translating-filesystems-into-binary-formats.html
Python's b2b can be downloaded from http://www.python.org/downloads/release/2.7/#downloadable-tools


If you're ever needing to convert text into binary, or vice versa, there are plenty of web tools available that can help you out. Our favorite tool is Binary Converter, which allows you to quickly and easily convert between text and binary files. If you're ever in a bind and need to convert some text into binary, be sure to check out Binary Converter!

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